Why Restaurants MUST start selling online NOW!

May 03, 2021

The past year and some change has been unimaginable for the majority of society with the Covid-19 pandemic and many businesses have had to adjust if not completely change their model. Restaurants were amongst some of the industry that took a catastrophic loss because of this but also were amongst some of the first to some how adapt to the times quicker than others. By that we mean many have taken their menus online while the doors are closed.

Now to be honest online ordering has been picking up well before the Covid-19 pandemic but the situation has definitely accelerated the process and really has made it become a life or death choice for many restaurant owners.

Here are some reasons so start selling online now!

  1. Your extend your reach to more customers and make more money
  2. Your can still take orders if you cant take indoor dinning
  3. You can track habits of your customers to better serve them
  4. 30% of people speed at least 50$ when ordering food online

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